Sunday, 15 April 2012

Teaching Revision using Student Examplers

Teaching Revision

I just love teaching revision in writing. But this year I am out for two months due to foot surgery. Thank Goodness for Pinterst (TGFP) & Teaches' Blogging! I just love reading and learning about what other teachers are doing. I am always learning! Life Long Learning(LLL) Even after 30 years of teaching! I become revitalised when I read your blogs!

I use a lot of Cynthia Rylant's books to teach revision. My whole province adopted Lucy Caulkins writing resources to teach the rigorous standards set for our grade 2 students in Reading and Writing. But my teaching of writing includes much more than that. The conferencing makes the writing mini-lessons so individualised. One child may need help including both a naming part and a telling part to make a complete sentences, while another might be working on including feelings in their story. I think I enjoy teaching the mini lessons on "Show not Tell" in writing.

I like to use a book of Rylant's like The Ticky Tacky Doll to introduce "Show not Tell." The favourite story is about a little girl beginning Kindergarten, who cannot bring her rag doll that her grammie made to school with her. The problem is the doll goes everywhere with her. This piece of Realistic Fiction  uses exact language "that make pictures in a readers mind" to explain how the little girl felt on the inside and how she acted. I ask the class or child to get the feeling inside them  they are trying to describe and them tell me about it. They all can make connections to the Ticky Tacky Dill and are able to understand how the girl in the story felt.

I model different scenarios with the class. Here is an example.
              " I am waiting and waiting for my grandma and grampie to arrive for Easter." I talk to the   children about i feel.  My heart is pounding and I keep going to the window to look for their car to drive up to our house. I act this out and demonstrate how I would run to the door when they arrived and smother them with hugs and kisses calling their names. Next I model write how I may have to add a flap to add more explanation with vivid details. I model how to staple this flap to the edge of the paper where it will be inserted with  detail.

I am working on a Freebie right now. I am nervous about uploading it, because I can't stop revising myself.  When I do finally think it is good enough, I will post it free here! Bye for now.

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